Monday, June 13, 2016


Do you drink coke? I drink coke, the world drinks coke. Now coke is giving back not just
with a tasty beverage but with cool prizes and sweepstakes. On select coke related brands there are codes
located under caps, inside the tear-off on 12-packs and on multi-pack wraps that can be used at the mycokerewards site.

Simply register on the website and enter the code you find, codes are worth from 3 to 20 points.
 once you have enough points you can redeem them for prizes and sweepstakes.
 prizes include Amazon giftcards, Walmart, Target, Dominos, and
many others.

 Coke Products

It all starts
with a code

Sign in and use this free code. For 1 free Point
 when you enter it in the code entry field in
 the main navigation at the top of the page. 


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quest Mindshare

Quest Mindshare


Another survey site for you gang, this survey site is like the rest. once you complete
 your profile you will be sent survey offers to your email address or you can just go
 to the site and find them on your survey list. The surveys you get are based a lot
on your profile answers they vary in length from short to a little bit longer.


What you really want to know is how you get paid. When you've reached $10.00 you can redeem your money by clicking on the redeem button, you can either choose a Amazon giftcard or getting money to your PayPal account. My first payment i chose Amazon and i was told it would take about 4 weeks which i didn't expect. If you choose PayPal your money will be transferred to your online account at PayPal within 1 to 4 days. I'll try the PayPal option next to see how long it really takes *there is a 2% handling fee for paypal
and you have to log in to approve the payment in your PayPal account


there are no real cons i have found thus far except the wait time for a Amazon
 giftcard but that's not too much of a knock against the site. I've had similar
wait times from other sites. When you sign up for the site make sure your
email address is one associated with your PayPal account if you get your
 payments that way.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Pinecone research

Pinecone Research LTD tm

Hello fellow online earners
 today I want to introduce you to Pinecone research. what is pinecone research? from the name you would think it was some kind of trippy environmental study group but it is not. its sort of like a survey site. they will send you survey links through your email and you log on to the site and do them. sometimes the surveys even will send you products to try at home for your opinion.

when you earn your first 300 points it will automatically be sent as a check to the name and address provided when you signed up, so make sure that information is correct so you can cash that check.

The points are how you can earn your rewards and they are valued this way
100 points=1 USA dollar(you must have a minimum of 300 points before you can cash out ) after your initial 3.00 check you can use your points on anything you want. you can get more checks, you can get your points converted to paypal money or you can get gift cards from the reward catalog. they have rewards like Amazon giftcards and Visa giftcards etc.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

bonus codes

For certain ptc sites or gpt sites they release codes worth points,these codes are the easiest way to earn points. Some webpages release codes for these sites so check them early and often. Here is one which i found very helpful Check the Facebook page of your favorite site they will post codes there too.

Monday, December 21, 2015



The next site we will talk about is MintVine surveys. Survey sites are another way to get cash or giftcards and this survey site delivers. i cashed out and received my money sent to my paypal account rather promptly.
The surveys are not that hard to complete and they have a daily poll and a few offers like a gpt site so there are other ways to earn points.


the rules of the site are simple, your points need to be approved before you can cash out and that can take a few days. I recommend doing the daily poll and some of the offers on the site so you aren't merely waiting for your survey points.
Complete 10 polls in a row for 25 points!



The points are how you can earn your rewards and they are valued this way
100 points=1 us dollar(you must have 1000 points before you can cash out )
they have rewards like PayPal, Amazon giftcards,Visa giftcards even Dwolla 


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tremor games

This blog is about getting stuff online.... money,giftcards and samples.... if one day i'm so inclined to post about them.  Today i will be talking about Tremor games

Tremor games is a site where you can play games and score a Amazon giftcard if you like. The good thing about this site is even if you don't want to play the games people play you still can earn points like a regular ptc site.

It has the different walls like other sites Supersonic, Volume 11, Matomy etc....


 Like i said you can get a Amazon gift card here 
4500 tremor coins= 5 dollar Amazon gift card
They also have Bitcoins

*All prices for giftcards are from a American point of view
check the site for your tremor coin redemption amount in your country

Friday, November 13, 2015

Univox Community Surveys


Do you like doing surveys? You could have answered that two-ways lets just say you answered in the affirmative. Honestly when it comes down to it surveys are just as exciting as watching paint dry. They ask a lot of question, odd question like does a product make you feel smart for using it, does a product seem sexy or proud.

In the online money making game they can be a necessary evil. Today I will be talking about Univox community. I have only ever received a reward from a few survey sites like   Univox community ,Ipoll and Mintvine and Pineconeresearch, if you ask me Univox is one of the better sites.

Why is it one of the better site...well it doesn't have unicorns or free candy, that would be too awesome. What it does have is a participation reward of 5 points just for trying a survey and being disqualified. Believe me after being DQed from 5 surveys in a row you will appreciate it.


well its a straight shot, you do surveys you get points, these points you can exchange for a 25 dollar Amazon Gift Card or Visa Gift Card. Currently they do not have PayPal but I hear in the community they will soon. Check back here for updates. In addition to surveys they have a online community where they have contests and games and polls where you can get even more points


the rewards on this survey site are a 25 Dollar Amazon Gift card for 2500 points
and a Visa Gift Card for 2500 points

So now that you know what it is go join and start doing surveys click here UNIVOX COMMUNITY