Sunday, February 11, 2018

easy points

points can be hard to come by on some sites so taking advantage of easy ones is a must. if the site has a daily poll take it daily. if there are games for points play those prints are usually easy and on several tabs. videos are good point earners too and repeatable sometimes, you can really rack up the points watching all day or leaving them playing while you do other things. bonus codes sometimes are available on facebook or on the site directly. there are webpages that feature codes from a few different sites just search on google or bing. my favorite site is called swagcode spoiler

Monday, August 7, 2017

Adult post

This site is a Mostly g-rated site but it is about earning money online so.....

here are some other ways to earn cash, some i don't wholeheartedly support, it depends on your values and how you feel about it i'm just giving information to help, even for people that may be desperate

Selling stuff

if you have things to sell, maybe you have clothes you never wore or toys that you
 never played with. things can be sold online at certain sites called third party selling.
 sites like AMAZON,  E-BAY, WALMART, they have users that sell items
 through their site, i have never done it so you should check each individual site on how to join.

Making Stuff

If you are really crafty and creative and make things like figures or jewelry, can draw or anything, you could sell your products on sites like ETSY.COM. If you can draw you can sell your services on sites like there are other sites so do a search on your favorite search engine

Adult Shows

Now we come to the part that is risque...i dont actively suggest you do this but its a free country or countries depending on where you live. Certain sites allow Women and Men to give shows where they are on camera to excite and titillate viewers. these are called camshows and they are called cam-girls or web models. I'm not endorsing or condoning, i also am not judging so if you want to do that then more power to you. be advised what you do online can be seen all over the world and nothing disappears online so before you get naked on a webcam think long and hard about it 


The last way to make money online is investing, but you have to have money to make money. if you can get enough to invest in a mutual fund or brokerage account then by all means try. the money probably wont be there instantly and you will need to wait and hold on to stocks for years. you should educate yourself on money matters on sites like which is the url of the motleyfool

another thing to invest in is crypto currencies like bitcoin and litecoin

ok just some alternatives to the ptc sites i usually talk about. if anyone was offended i apologize i'm only here to help you make money online and that isnt always pretty or nice. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

GrabPoints-How do i get an amazon gift card

I have been a member of Grabpoints a short time, for years it was zoombucks and recently they have overhauled the site and changed the name. even with the overhaul it still is a good earning site.

you need to work hard to earn, like all the sites you use there is no free lunch
but in awhile with offers, surveys and videos you will make the cashout goal

Your Paypal reward will be sent directly to the email specified on your Profile and will be added to your Paypal account. for a 3 dollar reward of paypal cash it will cost you 3000 points. 

  • 5 dollars=5000 points
  • 10 dollars=10000 points
  • 20 dollars=20000 points
  • 50 dollars=50000 points
they have Amazon gift cards and others, check to see which you prefer, basically the points break down to 1000 points equal 1 dollar

one caveat about using grabpoints or not using grabpoints as it were. there is a unknown to me penalty for inactivity on the site. if you are inactive for 30 days your accumulated points will be deleted and reset back to zero...this happened to me. i suggest going to the site at least a few times and doing a offer, it can be anything from a coupon print to watching videos.

Friday, December 9, 2016

irazoo-How do i get an amazon gift card

I have been a member of Irazoo for years and recently they have overhauled the site. even with the overhaul it still is a good site especially for gift cards.

you need to work hard to earn, like all the sites you use there is no free lunch
but in awhile with offers, surveys and videos you will make the cashout goal

for a 5 dollar reward of certain giftcards it will cost you 3000 points. the paypal amount in the past was as low as 5 dollars for a payout but in recent times it has gone up to two denominations- 20 dollars=12000points and 50 dollars=30000. if you cant wait that long and save, its still good for amazon giftcards  

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Inbox dollars


The next site we will talk about is Inboxdollars surveys. Survey sites are another way to get cash or giftcards and this survey site delivers. i cashed out and received my giftcard in a few days
The surveys are not that hard to complete and they have videos and a few offers like a gpt site so there are other ways to earn points.


  I recommend doing some of the offers and videos on the site along with your survey points.
to earn enough to cash out



the only drawback to the site is you can only cashout once you have earned 30 dollars
but once you earn it you can use your money in 3 ways: 

InboxDollars E-Card, which you can choose from Amazon gift cards to target giftcards ,
Prepaid Visa or 
 Check(A traditional check payment that you can deposit into your bank account or cash)Checks voided after 90 days.
One more downside is there is a fee for cashing out usually 3 dollars 


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Panel Champ-How do i get an amazon gift card

Panel Champ


Another survey site for you gang, this survey site is like the rest. once you complete
 your profile you will be sent survey offers to your email address or you can just go
 to the site and find them on your survey list. The surveys you get are based a lot
on your profile answers they vary in length from short to a little bit longer.


What you really want to know is how you get paid. When you've reached $12.50 you can redeem your money by clicking on the redeem button, you can either choose a Amazon giftcard or getting money to your PayPal account. My first payment i chose Amazon and i was told it would take about 4 weeks which i didn't expect. If you choose PayPal your money will be transferred to your online account at PayPal within 1 to 4 days. I'll try the PayPal option next to see how long it really takes *there is a 2% handling fee for paypal
and you have to log in to approve the payment in your PayPal account


there are no real cons i have found thus far except the wait time for a Amazon
 giftcard but that's not too much of a knock against the site. I've had similar
wait times from other sites. When you sign up for the site make sure your
email address is one associated with your PayPal account if you get your
 payments that way.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Pinecone research

Pinecone Research LTD tm

Hello fellow online earners
 today I want to introduce you to Pinecone research. what is pinecone research? from the name you would think it was some kind of trippy environmental study group but it is not. its sort of like a survey site. they will send you survey links through your email and you log on to the site and do them. sometimes the surveys even will send you products to test at home for your opinion.

when you earn your first 300 points it will automatically be sent as a check to the name and address provided when you signed up, so make sure that information is correct so you can cash that check.

The points are how you can earn your rewards and they are valued this way
100 points=1 USA dollar(you must have a minimum of 300 points before you can cash out ) after your initial 3.00 check is sent you can use your points on anything you want. Get more checks sent to you, Get your points converted to PayPal money or you can Get gift cards from the reward catalog. they have rewards like Amazon giftcards and Visa giftcards etc.

sign up by clicking the logo above

Sunday, January 10, 2016

bonus codes

For certain ptc sites or gpt sites they release codes worth points,these codes are the easiest way to earn points. Some webpages release codes for these sites so check them early and often. Here is one which i found very helpful Check the Facebook page of your favorite site they will post codes there too.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Branded Surveys-How do i get an amazon gift card

The next site we will talk about is Branded Surveys surveys. Survey sites are another way to get cash or giftcards and this survey site delivers. i cashed out and received my money sent to my paypal account rather promptly.
The surveys are not that hard to complete and they have a daily poll and a few offers like a gpt site so there are other ways to earn points.


the rules of the site are simple, your points need to be approved before you can cash out and that can take a few days. I recommend doing the daily poll and some of the offers on the site so you aren't merely waiting for your survey points.
Complete 10 daily polls in a row for 25 points!



The points are how you can earn your rewards and they are valued this way
100 points=1 us dollar(you must have 1000 points before you can cash out )
they have rewards like PayPal, Amazon giftcards,Visa giftcards even Dwolla 


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tremor games

This blog is about getting stuff online.... money,giftcards and samples.... if one day i'm so inclined to post about them.  Today i will be talking about Tremor games

Tremor games is a site where you can play games and score a Amazon giftcard if you like. The good thing about this site is even if you don't want to play the games people play you still can earn points like a regular ptc site.

It has the different walls like other sites Supersonic, Volume 11, Matomy etc....


 Like i said you can get a Amazon gift card here 
4500 tremor coins= 5 dollar Amazon gift card
They also have Bitcoins

*All prices for giftcards are from a American point of view
check the site for your tremor coin redemption amount in your country

Sunday, November 8, 2015



What is GiftHulk? your favorite anger management needing, raging behemoth superhero wrapped up in a bow?.... no, though that would be awesome and dangerous, I bet. Okay then... its a new soft drink that explodes flavor like a gift in your mouth? a candy bar? a new clothing line? no, no and no. stop guessing and ill tell you.  its the fancy all free site that answers the question "is anything really free anymore?"

GiftHulk, is a reward site that offers amazing prizes, gift cards and all sort of amazing stuff for things you already do on the internet like searching and watching videos . its free to sign up and you don't even need to be over 18 to use it.

So how does it work? well once you sign up you'll have the opportunity to earn hulk coins by doing searches, watching videos, taking surveys, playing games and other neat offers on the site. These gift hulk coins can be used in the GiftHulk store to buy anything available from  Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards, Bitcoins to gadgets like a Green Laser Pointer Pen (don't point that in your eye by the way)

Rewards (show me the money)

paypal 5 dollars =5000 hulkcoins
amazon giftcards 5 dollars =5000 hulkcoins
Bitcoin  Bitcoin - 5 mBTC=6000 hulkcoins

I know it may seem daunting at 5000 but its not really hard because the offers are at 100's  so it wont take long to get 5000. surveys are the highest paying offers with a lot being 5-10 minutes in length. even if you dont qualify for a survey you will get 20 hulk coins just for trying

take advantage of free points, check your inbox mail for video offers, do the search for 4 coins every hour and check in on the surveys page for easy points daily.  the guess the card game is a chance to win some coins so do it everyday plus check facebook for GC Bonuses codes for even more coins

So what are you waiting for hop, skip, jump, run(not with scissors) on over G

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I talk a lot about PayPal and I gave no thought to my readers that may be unfamiliar to PayPal and what it is...Sorry. I shall explain now.

PayPal  is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.  The company operates by processing payments for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee sometimes.

Basically as it relates to online earnings its a place the sites send your payments if you don't get a check or a giftcard. From PayPal you can transfer your earnings into your banking account if you have one connected or use the money on sites that accept PayPal as a option. It's free to sign up so sign up here PAYPAL

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bing Rewards-How do i get an amazon gift card

There is a line in a rapper Ice Cubes song “Don’t Drink 8-Ball, Cuz St. Ides’ Is Givin’ Ends  meaning don't drink 8-ball because Ice Cube had a advertising contract to promote them. The same thing with Bing I don't say stop using other search engines just take advantage of bing's reward program.

Bing Rewards is a program available to those living in the UNITED STATES ONLY, you can search as you normally would and for those searches you get credits that can be exchanged for a number of things including a 5 dollar amazon gift card, a starbucks gift card,$5 Toys "R" Us eGift Card
$5 Sephora eGift Card or a Burger King eGift Card.
I have no idea how long the program will continue so sign up while you can. Bing Rewards

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

swagbucks-How do i get an amazon gift card


the last time we talked about instant gift cards the site. this time we will talk about SWAGBUCKS.COM is probably the most professional looking of the sites and it has a good reputation. you can get amazon gift cards for varying amount of points
  1.   $3 amazon gift card=300 swagbucks
  2.   $5 amazon gift card=500 swagbucks
  3. $10 amazon gift card=1000 swagbucks
  4.  $15 amazon gift card=1500 swagbucks
  5. $25 amazon gift card=2500 swagbucks
you can get paypal cash also but the lowest amount you can cash out at is for $25 dollars
$25=2500 swagbucks in America, in other countries its much lower
there are other gift cards  for walmart, dominoes pizza, burgerking etc.... now for ways to earn....


surveys are surveys you will either be disqualified or get them so try you could get lucky. even if you don't Gold surveys award you for trying with one swagbuck up to 5 times for disqualifications. some surveys are about 5 minutes or less in length for major points...especially the gold surveys. Peanut labs also has surveys that are short

there are a lot of videos on the site, oodles of videos you just need patience to watch them for the points

 ncrave videos offer from 1 swagbuck up to 6 somedays and they can be watched over and over again. best far the easiest way to get points other than the daily poll. you can rack up points by doing these all day

swagbuck videos under the WATCH heading offer swagbucks from 1 to 3 sb and there are a lot of different topics to watch.

you can get a automatic 10 swagbucks for playing games just play a game until you get a complete screen then play it again and again. you need to play 2 complete games for 2 swagbucks until you get 10 swagbucks
the best game to play is swag jump

Bonus Codes
they release bonus codes all the time you just need to be vigilant on facebook or twitter to know when and where. you could even do a google search for them entering "swag code" in the search and you will find them. or swag code spoiler

the last way to earn is from offers, offers consist of a lot of things like downloading apps, to registering for websites, to taking quizzes or reading education information on health issues. look on each tab for offers, some will credit some wont you just need a bit of trial and error to see which works. you can find offers by clicking "Discover" on the left side of the page

the last thing I will say is make sure you have a good antivirus utility and use a separate email address to do ptc sites.

Monday, January 20, 2014

instaGC-How do i get an amazon gift card


 How do I get an amazon gift card? there are several ways, someone can give you one or you can earn it. How do I earn it? I'm glad you asked just click that link and you will be sent to the coolest site since sliced bread where you can earn a gift card.

 You can earn an giftcard in many denominations from 1 dollar up to 150 dollars. what's the catch? there is no catch once you earn enough points to get a gift card that's it, order the gift card and it is instant, so as soon as you order the card its available to be used in your Amazon account. There are plenty of offers so you will be able to earn a 5 dollar gift card in a day or more at least if you work hard. Amazon Giftcards on the site can be redeemed for as little as 1 dollar that's just 100 points  100 points=$1.00


The other good thing about is that you can turn your points into cash in 3 ways: simply ask for a *e-check to be e-mailed to you and it will be sent to your provided address to be printed out using a printer ,you can use direct deposit to have it put in your bank account and lastly you can turn your points into paypal cash for your online paypal account

how it works

now for the may be overwhelmed when you first visit and not know how to start. that's ok because we all start as newbies at first simply read this
trust me its worth it. now the absolute first offer I can point you to that will get you some points right off the bat is  just watch the  video when you are done close it and watch another or click the next button. printing coupons is another way to score points, some coupon printings are worth 14 to 18 points and they can be used at least 3 times on 3 different pages

Engagemetv has videos you can watch all day just play them keeping the tab open and rack up the points, its good if you have a mobile phone can play them on your phone while using your computer to do other offers. 

very simple but you get out what you put in, others on the site are always available to help in the chatbox to the right of the page and the ticker below it shows offers others have done so you can try those offers too

*e-check is a electronic check that can be printed out similar to a coupon